Michael Lipowski

"The Mastermind"  

Michael is the Founder and Chief Exercise Officer of PURE PHYSIQUE and was voted Westchester's "Best Personal Trainer".  He is also President of the International Association of Resistance Trainers (IART), a personal training certification and advanced exercise education company and a Co-founder of the DFAC (Drug Free Athletes Coalition). Additionally, he is an international author, speaker, and a professional natural bodybuilder.

Michael's passion for resistance training began with a childhood fascination with the strength and muscle development of comic book heroes like Superman, Batman, and The HULK to name a few. Since he wasn't born a Superhero he set out to learn how muscle and strength is developed.  This pursuit which began as a young kid continues today as he applies the science of exercise in designing the innovative training programs at PURE PHYSIQUE. 

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: IART Level I Fitness Clinician, IART Level II Fitness Clinician, IART Master Fitness Clinician, B.A. in Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan University


Beth Colucci

"The Ice Queen"
An IART Level II Certified Fitness Clinician, Beth also earned her Certified Strength and Condition Coach (CSCS) certification while studying Clinical Exercise Science at Ithaca College. It was while at Ithaca that Beth fell in love with training and encouraging others to lead healthy lifestyles. She has worked with both adolescents and adults through personal training and group exercise classes, including boxing, boot camp, and spinning. Beth gained additional experience helping and inspiring others through her minors in Coaching and Nutrition Promotion. As an over-trained college athlete, she fully knows the delicate balance between exercise, sleep, and nutrition, and loves sharing her experiences with others to help guide them in a positive and healthy direction. After spending two years as a member of Teach for America, teaching Science in Miami, Florida, she is excited to be back training and helping others lead their best and healthiest lives possible.

Sarah Garcia

"Ms. Sunshine" 
Sarah is an IART Certified Fitness Clinician, Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor. Also ACE certified, Sarah is a fitness instructor specializing in cardio kickboxing for adults as well as adolescents. She has taught at several health clubs in Westchester, motivating many people to live a healthy lifestyle. Sarah is a firm believer in professional development and focuses on providing participants with a high intensity workout that is always fresh and constantly challenging them to help them achieve their fitness goals. Prior to entering the fitness industry Sarah was a certified TESOL teacher whose passion for helping others carries over into her personal training and fitness classes.

Corrie-Beth Lipowski

"The Rockstar"
Sports Nutrition Specialist and ‘Life Architect’, Corrie-Beth has always had a passion for helping others as she teaches ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle. She enables families to make small, positive changes that will impact their health and future. Her enthusiasm and smile are contagious. Corrie-Beth believes in the necessity of educating families and teaching how imperative proper nutrition is. “Education is vital but implementation is key,” Corrie-Beth says. She takes pride in pushing herself in all areas of life and enjoys spending her free time partaking in extreme sports and competing as an all-natural Figure Competitor in the DFAC & IDFA. Corrie-Beth offers one-on-one coaching and complimentary health assessments to design a custom tailored program best suited for your body’s needs.

Doug Schur

Certified Fitness Clinician

Dr. John Sayegh

Dr. Sayegh has been serving the community for over 20 years and is a Nationally Board Certified Chiropractor. Specializing in spinal care for overall health, Dr. Sayegh is specially trained to locate and correct spinal subluxation (misalignment). These subluxations can occur during times of physical and emotional stress( Car accidents, work related injuries, same position for a long time, stress at home or work).

Dr. Sayegh was a nationally competitive bodybuilder and can assist in improving your overall health picture. All client's/patients are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

Ashley Bratberg

"Spunky Brewster"

Ashley is an IART Certified Fitness Clinician and graduate from West Virginia University where she earned her degree in Human Nutrition and Food. Through her own health and fitness journey she uncovered a desire to help others see their own value, potential, and help them transform into their best self.

In her own words, "There’s a reason why you are at this point in your life. In order to have a full and meaningful transformation, you need to dig down deep. Get rid of all the demons that are keeping you from seeing how strong you really are. You are worth it and you deserve to live a happy life."

Heidi D'Andraia

Bio Coming Soon!

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