Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CHIA Bites



1 Betty Crocker® cookie mix
1 egg
4 Tbsp. chia seed gel
(soak 4 Tbps. chia in ½ cup water for 10-15 mins)


1. Mix all ingredients together in bowl, blending well.
2. Scoop tiny teaspoons of cookie batter onto cookie pan.
(we got 75 bites out of 1 package!()
3. Bake as directed on back of package.
4. Enjoy low-calorie, sweet treats in bite-size form

Nutrition Information

Servings: 75
Serving size: 1 bite
34.8 calories: 0.8g fat / 7g carbs / 0.4g protein

The Dirty Trick

Betty Crocker has a trick. She lists nutrition facts for dry mix making you believe each cookie is 2.5g fat. However, when made as directe (with 1 stick of butter), the fat content is 3x what's listed: 7.8g fat/cookie!

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