Summer Travel Plans Taking You Away From Pure Physique? No Problem….We Got Your Back!

Time away is no excuse to stop working towards a fitter you. Pack this easy to follow 30 minute workout and maybe your first post vacation workout back at Pure Physique won’t hurt as much…maybe.

PACK: Sneakers, exercise clothes, stop watch, resistance band.

TIME: 20-30 minutes

SPACE: You don’t need much! A small hotel room or the wide open beach- you are good to go!


Warm Up:

Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jog in Place – 30 seconds
Repeat 1 & 2 – three times
Circuit: 8 Exercise, complete each exercise for 1 minute. Repeat circuit two times through.

*To make circuit more challenging, do not rest between exercises.

1.Lunge :

Quick Tip – Alternate legs, make sure you lunge straight down; watch knee is not going over your toes, chest up, abs tight.


Quick Tip- Chest up, butt back, squat straight down, stop at 90 degrees.


Quick Tip- Select level -on knees or toes, make sure your back is strong, straight and flat, butt down, drop chest to elbow height.

4.Seated Row:

Quick Tip- using a resistance band, sit up tall with feet straight out in front of you, wrap the band around your feet, hold handles and row straight back stopping when your hand reach your side, squeeze shoulder blades together.

5.Lateral Lift:

Quick Tip - using a resistance band; stand up tall, band under your feet, lift and lower the band out to the side; stopping at shoulder height. No swinging from the hips.

6.Bicep Curl:

Quick Tip-using a resistance band; stand up tall, band under your feet, elbows at your side, wrists stay neutral, curl. No swinging from the hips!


Quick Tip- using a step, bench or chair. Dip body straight down, keep elbows back, feel the work in your triceps (back of your arms).


Quick Tip- select level -on knees or toes, on forearms or hands. Contract abs; back strong, straight and flat- hold.