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PURE PHYSIQUE is the exclusive one stop shop for lifestyle makeovers. We are famous for improving the quality of life for busy parents and professionals and making health and fitness easy, practical and free of risky fads.

We've set time aside to personally meet with you and assess your fitness needs and create a plan to help you meet them. We will take you through a FREE workout so you can experience the individualized attention and support our members receive.



















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Double the result in half the time

PURE PHYSIQUE is a private personal training studio in Westchester, NY that provides solutions for people who are focused on improving their body and attaining their ideal level of fitness with minimal time investment. 

We stick to our core values

As much as we love explaining how our training studio is different from everyone and everything else because of our philosophy, training methods and ability to help you get “Double the Result in Half the Time” what really distinguishes us is adherence to our CORE VALUES.