Pure Training


Our special blend of High-Intensity Resistance Training workouts is a strategic solution to address the most common desires of our members: fat-loss, muscle development (toning), and increased strength and energy.


High-Intensity Resistance Training is the centerpiece of our programs because studies show resistance training is more effective for improving every category of fitness than any other form of exercise.


In fact, a well designed resistance training workout can elevate your metabolism through EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) for up to 38 hours after the workout. Its also been shown  to  improve  cardiovascular conditioning and markers for cardiac health.


Our Exercise Philosophy


Perform only the amount of exercise necessary to stimulate the best or desired result and minimize the total stress and “wear and tear” on the body for long-term results.




- Our program centers around exercise that will have a significant impact on your physique, strength, fitness, functionality, and health.


- All workouts are 30 minutes and are designed & supervised by professional trainers for the most efficient use your time.


- Emphasis on safe controlled movements using free-weights, machines, cables, and other resistance.  You won't need to question if you're "doing it right".


- All workouts consider your needs, abilities, and limitations.


- Our program follows a 24-week cycle which is broken down into 8-week phasesEach phase focuses on achieving a specific fitness outcome.