10 Tips to Trash Right Now

Ashley Bratberg
1. Skipping breakfast to save calories: Skipping breakfast sets the stage for an all-day blood sugar roller coaster, leading to hunger, cravings, and crankiness. Plus, you’re going to make up those calories – and probably consume even more of them – throughout the day.


2. Eating healthy all week means I can splurge all weekend: You can't "save" calories and spend them elsewhere. Hormones, not calories, run the show for fat loss. Keeping your fat-storing hormone, insulin, jacked up with weekend splurges stalls fat loss and sets you up for failure.

3. The packet of cookies is only 100 calories, so it won’t ruin my diet: It will raise your blood sugar with sugary processed foods – even if that well portioned snack only contains 100 calories – and you increase insulin, which not only stores fat but blocks that fat from being burned. Besides, you’re probably going to eat more than one of those tiny packs.

4. Setting unrealistic goals: Learn how to set small goals that you'll actually reach. These smaller steps provide a roadmap for your weight loss journey. As you reach each small goal you get a boost of confidence and you stay motivated on the way to your ultimate goal.

5. Underestimating your food intake: Do you really count all of your calories? Remember that even tiny 25-calorie nibbles here and there throughout the day can add up. Snacks count, food from your dining partner's plate counts, and calories consumed during food preparation count. Use a food tracker. Make your entries more accurate by purchasing an inexpensive food scale. The tool will allow you to report the exact size of each portion you consume.