Activities of Daily Living and Your Workout

Heidi D'Andraia

You have made your workouts a top priority but do you ever wonder how your hard work in the gym is helping you to maintain the ability to complete activities of daily living as you age?

Test your knowledge and match the exercises you, most likely, complete on a regular basis during your workouts to the activities of daily living you also, most likely, complete on a regular basis.

1. Leg press

2. Chest press

3. Pull Down

4. Shoulder Press

5. Back Row

6. Tricep Extension

7. Bicep Curl

8. Metabolic Conditioning Class

A. Opening a tightly sealed jar

B. Running to stop the school bus

C. Gardening D. Pulling down storage bins from shelf

E. Loading/Unloading groceries

F. Mowing the lawn (push mower)

G. Carrying laundry basket up stairs

H. Opening windows

Each one of these seemingly simple tasks will become more challenging to complete as you age. By committing to make exercise a top priority in your life, you will maintain the ability to keep all activities of daily living just that!

Answer Key: H-4 G-4 F-1,2 E-5,6,7 D-3 C-4,5,6,7 B-8, A-7