Are You Eating Your Results Away?

Corrie-Beth Lipowski
Is diet and exercise 50:50, 60:40 or 80:20?
Let’s be very clear: it’s 100:100.

Take a step back.

If you and your spouse had a goal to save x dollars, what’s your plan? Do you just throw your goal out into the universe and hope money miraculously finds its way into your bank account? (It’s okay, you can laugh.) OR do you put together a budget for monthly household bills, set an amount to put away each week/ month and plan for leisure activities like shopping or eating out? If you’ve ever successfully saved money before, you already know the answer is the latter.
Whether we’re talking Money or Fitness, the approach is no different.

You want to achieve a certain weight or fitness goal? Great. You really want to achieve that goal? What is your plan? Start tracking how much you’re taking in and how much you’re spending. Now can you see the similarity to dollars?
Diet Is Paramount.

Any success with regard to fitness is predicated on eating well. NONE of your efforts in the gym will make any difference if you’re snacking on pizza every night and eating M&M’s by the bucket (even though I swear the peanut ones are paleo). Let me give it to you straight: If you are overweight, what matters most is what goes in your mouth. Concentrate on that. Here are my favorite and most successful rules:
There is no better measure than keeping track of what you are putting in your body via measuring and journaling. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. A simple food scale is cheap and easy to use and tracking is simplified with the introduction of APPs like My Fitness Pal or Lost It.
Why track? Food tracking requires effort and when you put in effort, you create new habits.
It pains me when people come into my office and tell me they are doing a low-carb diet because “I heard it was healthy” or “my doctor told me to.” The next time I meet a doctor who makes such a general blanket statement, I’m going to smack them upside their noggin.
Carbohydrates are a NUTRIENT. If carbs are too low for too long a time, energy levels will drop, metabolism will plummet and cravings will become extremely intense. It’s scientific.
Cravings are often time a symptom of a vitamin deficiency in your body. When your body doesn’t get enough of what it needs, it calls for the wrong things. Sweet cravings can be caused by a lack of B vitamins; salty cravings: a lack of magnesium. A simply vitamin supplement can help you tackle those cravings head on by giving your body the nutrients it needs to function.
I often think of the movie, Waterboy where Adam Sandler yells about Water v. Gatorade. The resounding chorus sings, “Water sucks! It really, really sucks!” And there’s a lot of truth to that! Water literally sucks, or pulls, toxins and junk out of your body and helps you GET RID OF the garbage. It’s one of the best ways to have better hair, skin and nails and it aids in fat loss.
If we’ve ever sat down together, you know I ask about stress levels and restful sleep hours. Believe it or not, these are two important elements for fat loss.
Being stressed throws off hormone levels and releases cortisol… that icky hormone responsible for midsection fat.
Restful sleep has a lot to do with the body’s healing and metabolism. Interrupted sleep can disrupt melatonin and wreak havoc on your fat loss goals. Turn off the TV and put down your phone at least an hour before bed to help your brain relax and enter into restful sleep.
Everything we do in life has an underlying purpose or reason. More specifically, that reason must be greater than YOU. THIS is what makes something compelling. What is your reason?
Are you looking to get into better shape just because you’d like to or because you know it’ll help you be around a lot longer for your partner or children? Things in life mean more when others are involved.
Our purpose is to deliver a special blend of high-intensity workouts and provide you with lifestyle makeovers so you feel fantastic!
In Closing, STOP rewarding yourself with food and START making little changes you (and others) will be proud of for a lifetime. Cake will always be there; You don’t always need to eat it just because you see it.
In health and fitness, the secret to success in the gym will always come down to diet. When your eating habits become as hardcore as your training, the elusive results you’re after will finally come.