BE-DO-HAVE Paradigm

Corrie-beth Lipowski

Have you ever had a vision of yourself and then quickly dismissed it with doubtful thoughts? Have you ever thought, “I can’t do that” or “I’ll never have that”?
If you think that way, chances are you’re right. It may seem difficult to rewire your thoughts but really we all have to reframe our brains at various points in life. I’d like to introduce one of my favorite paradigms: Be-Do-Have
The thought process is: I must be the person I have to be, and do the things I must to do, in order to have the things I want to have. (i.e. a body you’re proud of) If you can’t Be and Do to Have, you’ll never Have or Do or Be. Make sense?
I invite you to write down a goal you want to achieve. Let’s say you want to drop 15 lbs. of fat. Who must you BE to achieve this goal? You must BE committed, BE accountable and BE honest. What are the things you’ll have to DO? You will have to DO food journaling (tracking), DO healthful food shopping and cooking and DO the action items you’re given in your nutrition consults. What are the things you’ll HAVE? You’ll HAVE a sense of pride over yourself, HAVE control in situations and HAVE the body you came here to get!
I don’t mean to oversimplify it but write down these three words across the heading of a paper. Create three columns, one under each word. Jot down your goals by starting with your HAVE. What do you have to have? (More energy, A swimsuit-ready body). Once you’ve got that, jot down some of the things you’re going to have to DO. (Follow the nutrition guidelines, Food shop for needs not wants, Measure your food intake). Who, then is the person you must BE? You’re going to have to be committed to your goal but go deeper then that. WHO is the person you really want to become?
I invite you pick just 1 goal and make it a non-negotiable. That means no matter how many cookies or slices of cake cross your path, your reason is stronger than any excuse. That is how you develop willpower; Lean heavily on your reasons for doing this. And don’t make it a short-term goal… think big picture.
Working towards this summer is great but what about all the summers to follow? Are you going to go through this painful process every Spring or is it time you adapt small lifestyle changes that you’ll sustain? Heck, you might even feel better. What would that mean to you?
It’s time we use the resources made available to each of us and start BEing the people we truly want to become, by DOing the things we know we must do, in order to HAVE the things we want for ourselves.
If you have trouble with this exercise, envision the person you want to be in the future… or the person you wish you already were!
Just think… if you start today, imagine the person you’ll be 6 months or a year from now. Then, imagine yourself a year from today and experience the disappointment you’d feel if you never took the steps to have the things you dream of.
Begin today to act, to live, to be the person you want to become.
And don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s why we’re here. This is our passion; we are living out our dreams in helping you. Don’t let your silly slipups let you down. When your own worst critic is you, it can be devastating when you have no one to blame for lack of achievement but yourself.
BE and Do to Have! We’re with you!