What if I told you doing one really simple thing just before and immediately after your workout could boost your lean mass gains by 70%. Would you sign up for that?

Don’t worry ladies, it doesn’t mean you’ll turn into the Incredible Hulk, but you might end up looking a little more like Wonder Woman.

Lean mass gains are what we should all be after. We should be taking every (safe) step possible to accumulate as much lean muscle mass as we can.

Aging naturally results in lean mass loss which ultimately affects our mobility and strength, and decreases our metabolism resulting in fat-gain and softening of body appearance.

If you can prevent all this destructive stuff from happening, why wouldn’t you?

With what I’m about to suggest you’re probably going to say I expect too much and how dare I ask that you do more than what you’re already doing. But, hear me out.

You’re already resistance training, which is action numero uno in the fight against aging and a saggy ass. Add just one simple action to your already established regimen and you can guarantee a greater affect from your training.

What is it I have to pull your teeth to do?

Consume a low-calorie whey protein shake just before and immediately after your workouts. That’s it!


This strategy has been a well-established practice of bodybuilders for decades. In the past few years, however, the legitimacy of this strategy had been called into question and research seemed to indicate that it wasn’t really necessary, so long as you were consuming enough protein over the course of a day (approximately 1 gram/pound of body weight).

The only problem was that most of the research was on individuals who were weight training newbies. Meaning, this was their first real “go” at maintaining a regular resistance training routine. (Unlike you.)

However, a 2014 study as well as research from this year indicates that the muscle dudes had it right all along, and that one’s training status (i.e. how intensely or how long they’ve been training) may determine whether protein timing leads to better results.

I admit, I got drawn into the "it doesn’t really matter" group for a period.

Not because the pre/post protein strategy was unsound but rather, I wasn’t satisfied with the whey protein options available.

Moreover, the Shaklee Life Shake I use was more than what I needed pre-workout and not enough of what I sought post-workout (though I still used it because it was the best alternative available).

Nonetheless, I made it work. But making it work took more manipulating than I’d prefer—for the sake of convenience—and was beyond what I could expect a non-fitness professional to do.

It needed to be easier than this.

I’m stoked to say that one of the new fitness products we helped Shaklee develop (which is being launched tomorrow) is an ideal fit for this approach to building and maintaining lean muscle.

Not only is it a fit because of what it does but because it does it in the safest, cleanest, most effective and convenient manner imaginable.

Watch our FB page tomorrow as we announce from the Shaklee Global Convention, the new sports nutrition products we helped design with your needs in mind.