Ben Franklin said it!


When Ben Franklin leaves you a piece of advice it's probably smart on your part to listen.

Widely considered one of the most intelligent men in American history if not all of history, Franklin's knowledge spanned many different areas, including science and medicine.

Today there is an abundance of research supporting his claim that fasting is a legitimate and highly effective form of health care.

What makes it so effective can be summed up in a word--autophagy.

Autophagy, comes from the Ancient Greek word autophagos, meaning "self-devouring" or "self-eating". It's your body's natural way of eradicating damaged or dysfunctional cells and recycling them to create new and healthier cells.

Here's the challenge.

When we are in a "fed" state (either eating or functioning off the food we last ate) we are actually feeding and promoting the growth of...dysfunctional cells!

(And you wonder why you don't feel healthy despite exercising and following a "healthy diet".)

Autophagy is constantly occurring in our body but on a very scant level. In order to get the full benefits, we must be in a "fasted" state.

What does that look like?

  • On a regular basis, it means fasting anywhere between 12-18 hours a day or at least a couple times per week.
  • On a macro level, it's undergoing a 60-hour water-fast a few times a year. However, this is often difficult for those not accustomed to intermittent fasting.

Recently I did a 60-hour Reboot which I and others are planning to do once a month.

The difference between this and a traditional water-fast is that it's supported by exogenous ketone products that tap into your own body-fat to sustain energy and curb hunger.

Unlike when you occasionally skip or miss a meal you won't get hangry or feel like you'll die if you don't eat soon.

Not only is this "keto reboot" a practical way to switch on autophagy it's equally if not more powerful in resetting your metabolism and helping you become a better fat-burner. And we all want that! ;-)


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