Client Successes

Confession: As a staff, we tend to get lost in constantly trying to improve your experience at PURE PHYSIQUE…so much so that sometimes we forget to acknowledge the amazing accomplishments you surround us with. We wanted to take some time & shout out some of the incredible things you have shown us lately. These are only a handful of successes we have seen, but each & every one of you should be proud of what you are doing, & acknowledge & celebrate each step toward your goals, no matter how small.
- Ray D lost 25 pounds, got pulled off his cholesterol meds, & can leg press the whole stack at 480lbs

- Teresa M gained enough strength in her upper body to cancel her shoulder surgery

- Jamar C & George G have the highest Chest Press using 70 & 80lb dumbbells

- Laura R kicked butt up until 8.5 months pregnant

- Jamy F lost 18 pounds of body fat in a year

- Ody M lost 45 pounds in just over a year & is back to her pre-pregnancy weight

- Rich L has eliminated the pain in his shoulders, calves & knees because of his weight loss & strength gains…& can leg press the whole stack at 480lbs

- Nicole T has lost 24 pounds since January & went from a 14/16 to an 8

- Gary C lost 15 pounds of fat in one year & is showing up guys half his age on the ball field

- Donna R has lost 10 pounds since January & shrunk her mid-section

- Frank Z added 50 pounds & 6 reps to his Leg Press assessment from September to June
-Melani S has dropped 2 pant sizes since starting in April

- Ray K, Jr lost 15 pounds in 6 months & added 15 pounds to his Chest Press & Shoulder Press assessments in just 2 months

- Mariann B rededicated herself to her goals, is consistently tracking her food, & seeing continual results on the scale

- Mike F reshaped his body & majorly improved his strength in 6 short weeks

- Cathy D was incredibly consistent with her macro goals & lost 5 pounds of fat in 4 weeks

- Diego R added 80 pounds to his Leg Press & 40 pounds to his Shoulder Press assessments from September to June

- Stefania A has lost 32 pounds & 3 dress sizes since September

- Amy R has lost 22 pounds in 10 months & completely reshaped her body

-Jen B has lost 3 pounds of fat & gained almost a pound of muscle in 4 weeks