Coconut Flour: What Sets Coconut Flour Apart?

Beth Colcucci

1.High in Fiber: Unlike most flours, coconut flour is actually quite high in fiber, containing 9-10 grams per two tablespoons! For comparison, white flour has 0.4 grams of fiber per two tablespoons! Most of us don’t consume the daily recommended value of fiber (~20 grams), and consume somewhere around 10-14 grams. Fiber is an essential component of healthy digestion and elimination. It also helps aid in satiation and staying full for longer.

2.Rich in Trace Minerals: Most commercial flours go through extensive refining and bleaching, essentially ridding them of any nutritional value. Coconut flour requires less processing, and naturally contains more minerals because it is produced from dried coconut meat. Coconut palms are typically harvested from mineral-rich soil in tropical locations, and naturally fertilized by sea water, a combination that provides a complete mixture of all the trace minerals our bodies require.

3.Low in Digestible Carbohydrates: White and wheat flours, as mentioned above, go through commercial processing, which turn them into simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs are those with high Glycemic Indexes that rapidly digest in our bodies and spike blood sugar levels. Continual blood sugar fluctuations can wreak havoc on not just your metabolism and waist line, but your hormone levels, inflammation and more. Coconut meat has a naturally low carbohydrate content, which minimizes blood sugar spikes. Combine its low Glycemic Index with its high fiber content, coconut flour is not disruptive to blood sugar.

4.Gluten-Free & Hypoallergenic: Have you noticed that many gluten-free or alternative foods are actually rather unhealthy? It’s true. Take a look at a few gluten-free labels and you will most likely find higher calorie counts, fat content, lower protein, and a laundry list of ingredients. For those who have dietary intolerances or allergies, coconut flour is a great alternative…that is unless you are allergic to coconuts. In which case, I’m so very sorry. Coconut flour contains healthy fats, protein, minerals, and vitamins that make it a great alternative for those suffering from digestive inconsistencies or the general public.