Cows And Rhinos

Mike Lipowski

One of my side projects is an organization I helped co-found with two other fitness professionals called the Fitness Leaders Alliance. The organization was developed to provide other fitness studio and small gym owners a resource that could help expand their theoretical and practical knowledge of business ownership through collaborative learning.
A few weeks ago we held our second Fitness Leaders Summit in Orlando. I put on a one day clinic for personal trainers and then the next two days were jam packed with some of the most accomplished businessmen and women in the fitness industry.
But the one speaker whose message was in my opinion, most important, came from outside the fitness industry. His name was Dave Magrogan, a Philadelphia restauranteur and former chiropractor.

His one hour talk revolved around well as cows and rhinos.

Let me explain.

Magrogan teaches a philosophy he calls Rhino Living.

A Rhino by definition is not a particularly subtle or clever animal... The Rhino is a single-minded animal. When it perceives an object, it makes a decision to charge and puts everything it has into that charge. When the charge is over, the object is either flattened or has gone into hiding, whereupon the Rhino resumes browsing for other opportunities...

In the jungle of life there are two animals: The Cow and The Rhino. Cows stand in the field all day; they eat the grass, enjoy the sunshine and slowly watch life pass them by. Rhinos on the other hand see opportunities all around them; they charge at goals and have a blast doing it! They don’t let life happen to them; they create the life they live...

To truly live the Rhino life you must understand a few basic natural laws. You also must take an honest look at yourself and determine if you are a Cow or a Rhino and what you want to be. We have all lived the Cow life every once in a while, but today is the day when you can make a conscious choice to be a Rhino!

It’s no secret that the people who charge after their goals; demolishing every excuse, doubt, fear, obstacle and objection in their path, are those who get what they want. Those that don’t are simply living the Cows life.

But the best part is you get to choose which path you take!

And if you believe that it’s not up to you. That you’re limited by genetics, age, gender, money, your family, friends, or work. STOP IT! You’re acting like a Cow!

Attitude is everything. And the attitude we all must embrace is best summed up by the following quote:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”
–Charles R. Swindoll