Effort Rewarded

Mike Lipowski

If there is one word that gets overused but will never be cliche at PURE PHYSIQUE its effort.

Effort encompasses everything we're about. It describes what we expect from every person that performs a workout inside our walls. It's what we pull out of people who we believe have more in them than what they're demonstrating. It's what we expect from each other in order to make this ship sail. And it's what we want people to put into living each day because that's where the real rewards are.

It only seemed natural when I first learned of MYZONE some six months ago that it go on my PURE PHYSIQUE "wish list". This was the first piece of fitness technology I'd ever come across that I knew immediately would truly be valuable to our members and help us be more effective as trainers.

I sat on the idea of acquiring MYZONE as we worked on other necessary upgrades. But in mid-November at a business group meeting for small gym owners I met with the MYZONE rep who I had been having conversations with.

He pulled the old "puppy dog" sales trick by giving me a MYZONE strap.

On our lunch break I went to the hotel gym to take it for a test drive.

I haven't stopped using it since. I'm an addict.

The fact is we all love feedback. We want to know if we're doing good or not; if we're on target with our goals. If we're succeeding or failing. And in today's world of instant information we all expect to know things as fast as we can say "Google it".

MYZONE provides feedback on your workouts in real time.

Though I knew the workouts we do here are extremely effective at stimulating strength gains, improving muscle tone and fat-loss since they are based on science I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to learn just how effective they are when I tested them with MYZONE.

A typical half-hour training session or GRT class burned 400-440 calories on average. And in the thirty minutes following the class an additional 150-180+ calories were burned.

During the workouts I maintained a heart rate between 70-90% of my max HR (190). For a resistance training workout that’s no easy accomplishment when you consider all the “down time” between sets. That is unless you are training as intensely as we do at PURE PHYSIQUE.

What makes this a special piece of technology is that you the user and we the trainer get to observe your individual response to the various workouts and training methods we employ. We will have a better gauge of what your highest level of effort looks like, how hard you’re capable of training, and when is the best time to pull back the reigns.

But even this is not the most valuable aspect of MYZONE.

The most difficult part of staying fit is staying motivated. Although we want exercise to be a habit we don’t want it to feel like a chore. MYZONE turns exercise into a game!

The most difficult part of staying fit is staying motivated. Although we want exercise to be a habit we don’t want it to feel like a chore. MYZONE turns exercise into a game!

You earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPS) for how hard and consistently you exercise. The points are used for multiple purposes:

1. Ensure you are meeting the World Health Organizations recommendation of 150 min. moderate exercise or 75 of vigorous exercise per week. This is equal to 300 MEPS weekly.
2. Track progress towards your personal monthly MEPS goal.
3. Accumulate points for PURE PHYSIQUE Fitness Challenges.
4. Accumulate points for MYZONE’s Monthly Global Challenge (1300 points minimum) to win a share of $10,000.

This is a Game Changer!

It’s also just a sampling of what MYZONE can do. There is so much more that I don’t have the room in this newsletter to write about. But what’s most important is that now, the effort we ask of you will always get rewarded.