Exercise for a Healthy Future

Beth Colucci

We all know that exercise is “good for you.” But have you ever wondered exactly why? Exercise has incredible benefits on your mind, body, and soul not just today, but into the future as well.

“Exercising is like funding your 401(k). Shorting the contribution only shorts yourself.” – Michael Hyatt

 Improves ability to focus
 Improves memory & speed of learning
 Increases blood flow & oxygen to the brain
 Spurs growth in certain parts of the brain
Improves plasticity & neural connections
 Improves coordination, rhythm & strategy
 Reduces age-related shrinking of the brain

 Slows the effects of aging on our cells
 Decreases risk of certain diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc
 Helps maintain a healthy weight
 Reduces cravings for certain foods, controlling food intake  Helps keep bones strong & reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women
 Preserves muscle mass as we age which is critical for metabolic health, weight control, resilience to stress & disease and more
 Maintains flexibility & strength to do Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) – see Heidi’s article for how certain exercises benefit your everyday life!

 Produces endorphins, chemicals that make you feel more peaceful & happy
 Increases our ability to relax
 Helps you sleep better
 Allows for “you-time” & a break from the stresses of life
Reduces depression & alleviates anxiety
 Gives you a sense of accomplishment & self-confidence
 Helps improve energy