Holiday Survival Guide

Beth Colucci

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching…read: stress, thrown off schedules, parties, alcohol & copious amounts of sugar are rapidly approaching. All of these factors can wreak havoc on your overall health & wellness. Use this Health Stats & Survival Guide to help navigate your way through the Holidays this year unscathed.


Holiday Health Stats:

 The average person gains 1-3lbs. between Halloween & Thanksgiving, with the potential for more as the year ends
 People tend not to lose the weight they gain over the holidays, which adds up year after year
 It only takes 5 fun-sized candy bars & no other dietary adjustments for someone to gain 1lb. of weight each week
 It takes 540 push-ups to burn off 1 Apple Cider Donut (330 cal)
 The average child collects between 3,500 & 7,000 calories worth of candy Halloween night
 81% of parents take some of their kids’ Halloween candy…46% do so after bedtime
 A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – America’s favorite candy – has 10.5g of sugar
 You would have to cycle for 39 mins & run for 17 mins to burn off said Reese’s
 The average American eats 24lbs. of candy per year, mostly around the Holidays
 Candy Corn – the most bought Halloween candy – is made of high fructose corn syrup which affects memory, causes inflammation, and suppresses leptin which tells your body when it’s full
 One of the ingredients in Butterfinger is TBHQ, a compound of butane
 The week of Halloween, Americans buy 90,000,000lbs. of chocolate…enough Hershey bars to wrap around the world nearly 3.25 times

Holiday Survival Guide:

 Remember a 4 oz. serving of animal protein is the size of a deck of cards & a serving of plant protein is the size of a tennis ball
 Create a holiday “Wish List” for your body – pick one or two areas you’d like to see improvement in during the holiday season to help keep you motivated
 Make sure you read the expiration date on your kids’ candies
 Stay well hydrated – water helps keep mucous membranes moist so they can better keep bugs out of your system
 To protect the air quality in your home, make sure your candles have lead-free wicks
 Never go to a party hungry & when you arrive choose only 2-3 foods you’d like to try, not all of them
 The advice never gets old…keep a food log
 Even if you can’t get here, you can still get a great workout in using your body weight…attend a few Metabolic Conditioning classes to get an idea of what to do
 Only eat “Holiday” treats! Many foods served at parties are at our disposal all year round (i.e. nuts, pretzels) – skip the every-day foods & save your calories for “holiday” specials
 If you don’t have time to book a 60 min massage, stop at a massage kiosk or salon – massage lowers the stress hormone cortisol & boosts white blood cells, which protect against germs
 Say no to a few parties – parties inevitably mean staying out late & eating & drinking too much – give your body the rest & recovery it needs to stay strong
 Focus on socializing, not on food while at a party
schedule your workouts ahead of time to ensure you fit them into your busy schedule.