Lately I've been hung up on this word. Its’ been at the center of about 5 conversations I’ve had in the past week. Maybe it’s because I just finished reading Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, where he explains that the companies, businesses, and people that inspire us, are those that have a purpose we can connect with.

It’s Not What Someone Can Do But Why They Do It That Inspires Us.

There are many people who have exceptional ability, skill, and knowledge that get crushed by their competition who by all accounts would be considered a lesser adversary. Just look at Samuel Langley.
If you’re asking, “Who the hell is Samuel Langley?” that’s the point.
Langley was supposed to be the first man to pilot an airplane. He was the foremost expert on aeronautics and a remarkably intelligent human being. He had significant financial backing, a virtual dream team of experts, and the very best materials and equipment available.
How was it then that the Wright Brothers beat Langley to the punch!?
With A Clear Sense Of Why The “What” Follows.
The Wright Brothers didn't have money, they were of average intelligence, and their “team” was made up of people from their community who were not renowned experts of any sort (none had more than a high school education). But what the Wright Brothers had was an incredible desire to change the world by achieving flight.
They could see the endless possibilities as a result of this achievement and this was their driving force, and what inspired the commitment of their team.
Langley desired to achieve flight too, but his motivation was purely for the notoriety of being first. Compare that with a desire to change the world. Both are motivating factors but only one inspires others to work relentlessly towards its achievement. Only one sparks the type of ingenuity that changes the course of history.
This is not just a triumphant and uplifting story...

It’s A Guiding A Principle For Living Life And Having Success.

Two weeks ago in several moments of self-reflection I kept asking, “Why do I do, what I do?” And because the attitude of the studio is so closely tied to my own, I posed a similar question to the entire PP team—“Why do we as a business do what we do?”—because I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.
I liked the answers.
To sum it up...

We Do What We Do Because We Want People To See The Very Best Of Themselves And Be An Inspiration To Others.

You might not be setting out to change history. Maybe you are. But you deserve to know what your very best is—to see what you can really do. And when you do this it will affect people around you.
I can say personally, I’ve been very inspired lately by a number of our members for various reasons. Rob Meyering, Doug Schur and Heather Raphael, who are all part of the 45 Day Fitness Challenge have been making some incredible progress and shown tremendous work ethic (...I think might be a correlation there between work ethic and progress, hmmmm).
And I’ve been equally inspired by Stephanie Lorettta-Catucci and Stacey Cassidy, who over time, have made incredible transformations (Stephanie has lost over 40 lbs. since she started here a couple of years ago) and have totally transformed their lifestyle. It’s one thing to lose weight or change your body. It’s another thing to adopt a lifestyle where you keep it off and never look back.
The point is...

Inspiration Begets Inspiration.

We hope to inspire you to realize the best of yourself. And in return you will be inspiring us to work harder and find more ways to support you, and do the same for others. You will also inspire your friends, family, co-workers—maybe even casual acquaintances—to make changes in their life that will result in them achieving a better version of themselves. And the cycle goes on, and on, and on. Inspire and be inspired.