Inspired to be Better in 2016 (story 1 of 6)

This is the first of six stories over six days about PURE PHYSIQUE clients that inspired us by their results in 2015. Some were new clients, some had been around a while and one we never even saw in person!

Tyler C.

The number one reason people refer their friends or family to us is because we’re pretty good at helping people lose fat and get fit. Rarely do people say, “Go to PURE PHYSIQUE, they’ll get you huge!”

But that’s what Christine and Danny Carfi suggested to their son Tyler who had well adopted the fitness lifestyle after having lost 110lbs. on his own. (RESOUNDING APPLAUSE!!!)

Although there is something truly moving about a young man taking control over his life and losing all his unwanted weight there is a physical setback to that as well. Not all the weight that’s lost is “unwanted”.

As is typical with massive weight loss, a significant amount of the weight lost comes from muscle. That’s a bad thing.
Aside from the damage it does to your metabolism it leaves your body looking loose and depleted. Not exactly what you envisioned when finally reaching your goal weight.

We’ve seen this scenario played out hundreds of times. When Tyler first stepped into our studio, without knowing his weight loss history, he looked like a guy in decent shape. He was lean and looked like he did some weight training.

However Tyler is an ambitious guy who gives max effort when he trains. He’s also very consistent with his workouts whether they are at or outside of PURE PHYSIQUE.
The result...

Tyler gained 24lbs. without adding any appreciable body-fat!