Inspired to be Better in 2016 (story 2 of 6)

This is the second of six stories in six days about PURE PHYSIQUE clients that inspired us by their results in 2015. Some were new clients, some had been around a while and one we never even saw in person!

Dawn L.

What’s probably most amazing about Dawn’s story is that she never even stepped foot in our studio. But with our help she stepped onto a natural bodybuilding stage and fulfilled a dream.

Here’s how it went down...

Dawn lives on Long Island and happens to workout at the same gym as my sister Catherine who competes as a natural bodybuilder.

Catherine and Dawn struck up a great friendship. In time Dawn expressed her “dream” of one day competing but didn’t believe she had what it takes. This (false) belief was the result of many failed attempts at dieting and following conventional exercise advice. A common pitfall of training in large commercial gyms where 98.7% of the people have no clue what they’re doing but are quick to dispense advice.

Catherine suggested she contact me about doing some long-distance coaching. Each year I work with a very small number of people who either compete or want to compete in natural bodybuilding and work exclusively online and by phone.

After our first hour long phone call Dawn made my list of four people I agreed to coach in 2015. And I couldn’t happier that she did.

What inspires me so much about Dawn is not that she made a commitment and accomplished what seemed like an unreachable goal. It’s that she did it as a single mother that works full-time as a teacher.

Every excuse is available to her and valid. She doesn’t have the time. She doesn’t have the money. She has a lot of work related stress (mainly due to Common Core). She has to take care of her son by herself.

But Dawn didn’t make excuses she made it work. We reworked her nutrition habits and helped her cut down her time in the gym and the results speak for themselves.


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