Inspired to be Better in 2016 (story 4 of 6)

This is the fifth of six stories in six days about PURE PHYSIQUE clients that inspired us by their results in 2015. Some were new clients, some had been around a while and one we never even saw in person!

John B.
The people who are most successful at turning their lives around are the ones that reach a point where they say, enough is enough. And then they do something about it.

For John the turning point—which you could also say was a low point—was when his doctor told him he was just a step away from Type II diabetes. John is 32 years old.

People as young as John have no business getting Type II diabetes. It’s controllable. But John is a pretty smart guy and he realized that. So he came to us for the second time.

In 4 months John lost an incredible 46 lbs., lowered his blood pressure, and his sugar dropped dramatically.


Needless to say his doctor was more than impressed by his turnaround. John has continued to make gradual progress and has adopted an entirely new lifestyle (...that’s what it’s all about).