Inspired to be Better in 2016 (story 5 of 6)

This is the fourth of six stories in six days about PURE PHYSIQUE clients that inspired us by their results in 2015. Some were new clients, some had been around a while and one we never even saw in person!

Carla O.

How do you get someone that has never weight trained, doesn’t do any form of exercise, and is uninformed on nutrition to lose 25lbs. and transform into a vivacious person? You do what Donna Cutter did (and has done for us countless times). Recommend they join our GRT program and get on the Shaklee 180 fat-loss program!

When Carla arrived she looked like a lot of moms who put their own self aside to take care of their family. Often running themselves ragged and leaving not an ounce of energy or minute of time to tend to their own needs.

In just 2 months Carla lost 25lbs. and she not only defined her body but she redefined her entire lifestyle. However, what was most gratifying to our staff was to witness the enormous transformation in Carla as a person. It was literally like watching someone come to life!

Everything that makes Carla the energetic, fun, and beautiful person she is was always there. It just took her doing this for herself and committing 110% to the process to bring it to the surface, so we all could experience it.