Make This A Family Affair

Heidi D'Andraia

Its summer time which means the days are long and the kids are home! Don’t let the shift in schedules wreck havoc on your healthy ways. Here are 10 tips to help you stay on track.
1. If you don’t want to eat it – Don’t buy it for the kids!
2. Have healthy snacks ready to go. (i.e. bowls of fruit or cut veggies with hummus). A few minutes of prep time a week can go a long way when everyone races into the house starving and you find yourself picking on their snacks.
3. No more watching from the sideline. Get up and play! Enjoy activities with the kids, take the kids to the park, for a bike ride or to the trampoline park and participate! Your kids will love it and you will burn more calories (bonus).
4. Make time for meal time. Summer time is on the go time but don’t forget to plan meals for everyone. Make extra effort to ensure everyone starts their day with a healthy breakfast (you included).
5. After dinner, take advantage of the warm summer nights and go for a family walk.
6. Plan time each week for YOUR workouts and let your kids see you working out, this allows them to learn how important it is to make health a priority.
7. Plant a family garden. Kids love to get down and dirty! Gardens can be really easy and fun for the entire family, kids will love watching the veggies grow and together you can pick out recipes to use what you have grown.
8. Let kids help with household chores and make it fun. Whether it’s sorting laundry or picking up the toys everything is better with music…dance party to a clean house together.
9. Limit sweet treats, you don’t have to buy ice cream every time the ice cream truck passes by your house – summer is amazing times to enjoy fresh fruit- promote “Natures Candy”!
10. Last but not least, when clearing the kids plates remember it is ok to toss their uneaten food – YOU are not the garbage disposal! Those extra “clean up bites” do add up!