Michelle's Journey - Week 2!

Workout routine? Well, my workout routine is about the only 'routine' in my life right now. Since I joined Pure Physique, nothing in my life has been routine: my work schedule changed dramatically, I’ve been travelling like a mad woman, hitting three states each weekend, two weekends in a row.

In other words, I had plenty of 'reasonable' excuses for straying from my workout routine and diet plan. Of course, my 'reasonable excuses' are what allowed me to fool myself into putting the weight back on in the first place.

Thank goodness for my scheduled workout routines with Beth and the Shaklee Program, because the fact is...I had no excuses. I had my meal replacement bars while I was on the road, and returned to my tasty shakes when I wasn't. While the rest of my days were all over the map, my scheduled workout routines were one constant.

The result? In just one week, I'm down 4.5 pounds, and I do the heaviest leg press of any woman there. In fact, I'd argue my crazy week was easier because I didn't have to worry much about fitting in trips to the grocery store or finding time to cook- everything I needed was already at my fingertips when and where I needed it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it was a picture-perfect easy week. At a family party, some people were very concerned that I chose not to drink, assuming there was a reason far more serious than a simple diet and workout routine. Despite being so full from Shaklee products that I have to remind myself to eat lunch and dinner, I was still getting peckish at night: I knew full well I wasn't remotely hungry, but my habits had me wanting to eat anyway. However, Beth doesn't just work with me on my workout routine- she's always available by phone and facebook to talk me through those moments, and give me tips on how to make the most of them when they come up again.

A week ago, I was a little hesitant about this program. As much as I want to reach my goal, a big part of me figured I'd probably fail again. Now? Not so much, I'm feeling more and more encouraged, energetic and hopeful every day.