New Beginnings - guest blogger Michelle Carter
If you go to my ‘About Me’ page, that’s the picture you’re going to see of me, followed by the story of how, four years ago, I lost 70 pounds and reclaimed my life. Life was great. After battling rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia since 1997, I had energy for the first time in my adult life, and weaned myself entirely off of seven prescription medicines, one of which was a weekly injection.

But that’s not my reality now. That swimsuit photo was at my lowest adult weight, 164 lbs. Three months after it was taken on the set of the Wendy Williams Show, my father passed and I lost my job, and the battle to keep the weight off began. I gained and then lost 30 pounds that year, but wound up at 175, and for the most part hovered within 10 pounds that weight for the next three years or so.

Then, my life got hit by a perfect storm: I broke my foot a second time, I was eating my stress as the startup I was working for failed, and I met a wonderful man who loved taking me out to fabulous restaurants. The weight came back fast, it seemed inhumanly so. For a while, I was basically stuck in terror mode. I was in such disbelief at how quickly the weight was coming on, I felt utterly helpless to stop it. I had long since outgrown even my ‘fat clothes,’ and the fatigue and aches were back. For a while I just gave up. I had more excuses than there were chips in a Pringles can. I gained another 30 pounds after I resolved to get my act together. After getting so used to the takeout/fast food lifestyle again, my formerly healthy lifestyle of whole, largely raw meals seemed impossibly difficult to maintain.

Finally, I had my moment where my resolve gained some traction: I’m back to taking daily medication. I have some of the biggest moments of my life coming up and I’m missing out in a lot of ways in some of those moments now. This is not how I wanted to live my life, and this not who I want to be in those moments.

And I don’t have to. The days of excuses are over- it’s time for me to admit that someday is today. The autopilot is off, let’s get this party started.

Pure Physique has turned out to be the perfect solution for me. First, its location just off the Taconic Parkway and Route 6 means it’s on the way to work in the morning. As someone who hates mornings to begin with, I can make the half hour workout routine work. Most important, it’s always one-on-one with a fantastic trainer. That means every minute you spend there is optimized, and most important, I’m confident I won’t get re-injured.

The Shaklee program is easy too. It provides all of your breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, so I know no matter how busy my day gets, it’s so convenient I have no excuse not to stick to the program. I’m spending a fraction of what I used to at the grocery store. And it’s honestly filling- I went from having a voracious appetite to having to remind myself to have lunch and a snack after just the second day.

Do I plan to spend the rest of my life subsisting on shakes? Of course not, but the Shaklee program is what I need to kick start the process of getting my life back. For now, I need a program that is idiot-proof and, frankly, me proof. And I know it will lead me to a much healthier place so that I’m ready when it’s time to transition off the program.

So that’ s the story, let’s see where it goes.