"No Time" to prep?

Beth Colucci

We all live busy lives, and “no time” is the most frequent reason we hear when it comes to a lack of food preparation. The following strategies will help ensure you have what you need next time you’re running out the door:

1. The Sunday Ritual:

The Sunday Ritual is essentially setting aside a few hours (anywhere between 1 and 3) to decide what you’ll be eating that week, then shopping and preparing those foods. Depending on your preference, you can measure out and put meals together that day, or pair your foods come meal time. Regardless, after the Sunday Ritual you will ensure that your fridge is stocked with healthy options for the week.

2. The Breakfast Ritual:

As opposed to the Sunday Ritual, the Breakfast Ritual is cooking for the entire day each morning. As you’re making breakfast, measure out and pair your snacks, lunch, and even dinner. You’ll be ready for the day ahead, especially if something unexpected pops up.

3. Precooking Protein:

If you don’t like to pre-cook veggies and carbohydrates for the week, at least pre-cook your protein for the week, and pop it in the fridge until needed. Reheating is a piece of cake, and you’re sure to have protein at each meal.

4. Prechopping Veggies:

When you get home from the store, chop up your veggies and store them in separate containers or plastic bags. I recommend not cutting everything the day you buy it because veggies will lose some nutrition the longer they sit cut up; try chopping half in the beginning of the week, and the other half in the middle of the week.

5. Liquid Nutrition:

Protein shakes are a great on the go, never fail, meal option. We recommend Shaklee for its nutrition, safety, and yummy taste. If you don’t havea blender at work and/or home, a shaker bottle is a great tool to have. If you know you’ll be on the run later in the day, make a shake in the morning and bring it with you.Ready to learn more about proper ways to Meal Prep and what you should be eating?

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