Not Just Another Gratitude Article

Mike Lipowski

Life is hard. Relationships are hard. Raising a family is hard. Business is hard. Our workouts are definitely hard.

But one thing that makes them worth the hardships is the people involved. People you love and people who love you. I know I would not have made it nearly 10 years in this studio if it weren’t for the genuine love and relationships I share with the people our business serves and the people I get to work and serve with.

This is not some mushy stuff I’m spewing because it’s Thanksgiving month and the start of the holiday season when we are supposed to pause and give consideration to all the people and things we’re grateful for. I give gratitude to God every morning for the people in my life. Included on that list is you and every other member of our studio, as well as my team.One of my favorite business books of recent time is called The Radical Leap by Steve Farber. LEAP is an acronym for love, energy, audacity, and proof. When I read it I was amazed how accurately it summarized and put into words what I knew and believed about PURE PHYSIQUE.

Love is the driving the force behind everything.


Love for what you do...Love for the people you do it with... Love for the people you do it for. It is the ultimate motivator! It’s the reason we take risks, work outside our comfort zone, it’s the reason we show up each day. “Love the players or lose the game."

Energy is what keeps the machine moving.

Whether that machine is you, or our business, a single premise persists; to get energy you need to expend energy, and to expend energy you need to generate more energy. We’re blessed to be in a high energy business. Your desire for greater energy (more life) is what pushes us to put more energy into this business. We want to deliver for you just as much as you want what we do to deliver results for you.

Audacity is the willingness to toss aside normal expectations for something that's big and bold.

One of my favorite phrases is, why not me? And as a team and business we’ve learned to ask, why not us? But understand that it’s not a purely self-serving question. We want more and expect more from ourselves individually and collectively to better serve you...out of a love, for you. Because when it comes to the things you want for your health and fitness...why not you?

Proof is demonstrating that all this stuff I'm saying is not just stuff I'm saying.

This year we turned a corner and our studio is operating at a level not seen in the previous 8 years. If we continue to grow and touch more people, and you continue to achieve and exceed your fitness goals then we’ll have all the proof we need that our commitment is for real and we are living out our core values.

"Praise the bridge that carried you over."-George Colman

I want to Thank You, our PURE PHYSIQUE Family—those who have been here since day one all the way up to those who joined a few days ago—and my team and family: Corrie-Beth, Beth, Ashley, Doug, Heidi, and Sarah, for allowing this studio and me as an individual to take a LEAP and delight in many blessings.