Planning for Fitness Disaster

Monday mornings at PURE PHYSIQUE are like Catholics going to confessional. The majority of members walk in with their head hanging in shame, and before I can even finish saying “Hello”, they’re spilling their guts about how bad they were this past weekend.

Sound familiar? :-)

Coming off vacation is pretty bad too but coming off a holiday is usually where everyone gleefully accepts their unmerciful penance, a.k.a. a brutal workout. There may even be a little self-loathing going on for the next few days as one reflects on all the damage that’s been done and how long it will take to be undone.

I'm not against a free-for-all binge now and again, as long as it’s planned for.

You see, contrary to popular belief I am human. I can be a disciplined when necessary but I find it a lot easier to be smart than to be disciplined. I’m sure it’s the same for you too.

Let’s just be honest. If you’re relying on willpower to keep your hand out of the cookie jar, we might as well nickname you Cookie Monster right now.

I’ll be you know less than five people in your entire network of family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances who can maintain healthy habits through sheer willpower. Which means we need to be intelligent about when and how we choose to be “un-healthy”.

Being intelligent about being “un-healthy” requires planning.

Knowing you’re about to blow it will go a long way in keeping you from having an emotional meltdown after polishing off the crème brulee, which was preceded by lobster ravioli and prime rib. But knowing what you’re going to do is still not the same as planning for it.

What if before that epic meal you had not only did your weight training that day and threw in a little extra activity, but you consumed 50-100 fewer calories at breakfast and lunch than usual? And what if you did this the day before and the day before that? Do you think it would make a difference in how you’re impacted by your night of indulgence?

Think about where you are today, where you want to go, and what’s in front of you.

As I type away it’s October 2nd. As much as we all can’t stand that the stores are already putting out Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff and we haven’t even got past Halloween, it does serve as a good reminder that the holiday season is fast approaching.

There is no other time of year we see people fall as far off the wagon as we do during November and December. That’s why we always put our Fall into Fitness contest (60 Day Challenge) right in front of Thanksgiving.

If we can get you in better shape before your unrestrained indulgence rears its ugly fat accumulating head, we know you’ll come out of it with just a few flesh wounds that can easily be patched up.

Now—and not November 27th—is when you need to resolve what you’re going to do to stay in shape through the holidays. Now is when you want to start thinking about how you want to kick off 2015.

I know in the midst of your busy life it’s hard to think and plan that far ahead. But I also know how much harder it is to rebound from months of stagnation, or worse, regression.
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