Did the advice to “never skip breakfast” screw up all of our metabolisms and lead to unwanted weight gain?

Hate to say it, but it probably has.

It’s not all mom’s fault though. Guys like me are equally responsible—so here I am trying to "right" my wrongs.

Personal trainers, nutritionists, and health professionals have long suggested eating smaller meals spread throughout the day—starting with an early morning breakfast.

The intention being that...

  • Smaller meals are easier on the digestive system. (That’s a good thing!)

  • Blood glucose and insulin will fluctuate less. (That’s a good thing!)

  • Energy levels will become more stable. (That’s a good thing!)

  • The muscles will get a steady supply of amino acids throughout the day to aid in muscle recovery, development, and preservation. (That’s a good thing!)

  • And if you barely eat enough to make it to your next meal body-fat will be used to fill the energy gap. (That’s a REALLY good thing!)

None of this is completely illogical which is why it’s been such a widely prescribed nutrition strategy for decades.

If someone can actually keep the meals small and/or tracks their macros to ensure they are in a caloric deficit this works absolutely great. Unfortunately, it isn’t ideal for the overwhelming majority of people who are not bodybuilders or physique competitors that prep, weigh, pack, and time all 28-42 meals for the week.

So what does this have to do with eating or not eating breakfast?

Great question!

If most people lack the discipline to regulate their food intake then the next best thing is to help them modify behaviors that accomplish the same outcomes.

Skipping breakfast may just be the solution!

Not because you’re eliminating the calories you would typically consume (though that is helpful) but because what happens from a physiological standpoint will influence how much you want to eat throughout the day.

It all comes down to our hormones.

Allow me to preface what we’re about to get into with this...there are no villainess hormones. I repeat, hormones are NOT the enemy.

Every hormone serves a purpose. It has a job to do. And it does that job based on OUR actions and decisions.

Make the right choice and your hormones will work in your favor.

Make the wrong choice and they’ll work against you. Favorable or unfavorable—it’s your fault.

Ok, enough of the public service announcement. (You can thank me later, hormones.)

In part 2 (of 5) we’ll get into which hormones are responsible for weight management and eventually tie it all back to how skipping breakfast might be the best thing you can do for your body.