Heidi D'Andraia

What: 30-45 min workout (depending on your pace)

Where: Devito Track, Veterans Rd, Yorktown Heights

When: Whenever you are looking to mix up your workout and get active outside!

1. Warm Up – Jog one lap around the track Stop at the first exercise structure back side labeled: “ANGLE BAR & HURDLE EXERCISES”

1A) Lateral Low Bar Jump/ Reps = 20x

REST 10 Seconds

1B) Fast Hurdle Dips / Reps = 20x
REPEAT exercise 1A & 1B

2. Run 2nd lap around the track – increase speed to a more challenging pace. Stop at first exercise structure front side labeled: “PULLING & BACK EXERCISES”

2A) Single Bar Horizontal Pull-up / Reps =15x
REST 10 seconds
2B) Parallel Bars Horizontal Pull-up /Reps = 15x

REPEAT exercise 2A & 2B

3. Run 3rd lap around the track – maintain a CHALLENGING pace. Stop at third exercise structure labeled: “PUSH-UP & BALANCE EXERCISES”
3A) Push-ups (select bar – high or low)/Reps = 15x

REST 10 Seconds

3B) Dips- Bent Single Leg/Reps = 15x

REPEAT exercise 3A & 3B

4. Jog 4th lap around the track – pace should slow down, think cool down lap. Stop at forth exercise structure labeled: “Core & Balancing Disc”
4A) Plank, Alternating Knee Cross / Reps=20x

4B) V-Sit with Leg Extension / Reps = 20x
4C) Sit Up with Twist / Reps = 20x