The Year of the Transformation - Reflecting on 2014


When the calendar turns January 24th 2015, PURE PHYSIQUE will officially turn 8 years old. And in all these years never do I remember one filled with as many “transformations” as we’ve had in 2014. You couldn't blink without seeing someone or something change shape.

We held three fitness contests this year starting with our annual 12 Week Physique Transformation Challenge where we had some amazing changes made by Danielle Breschia, Rose Cicatelli, Stacey Cassidy, Tom Nolan, and Trish Zamperlin.

Then there was our first ever 45 Day Fitness Challenge where we introduced Shaklee 180 as a central (and required) piece of the contest. The final results proved that this was the fastest and most effective fat loss and body shaping program we ever designed. Rob Meyering lost an incredible 19 lbs., Heather Raphael – 11 lbs. and Doug Schur reshaped his physique.

Even after it was over many people continued with the program and others signed up for their own un-official 45 Day Challenge and the results continued to impress. Heather is now down a full 30 lbs. and we are incredibly proud of her!!! (Especially because she was skeptical that any of this stuff would work.)
With the new formula in place we held our ‘Fall into Fitness’ Challenge next, and the results after eight weeks were again quite significant:

Amanda Cerreto dropped 2% in body fat and totally transformed her shape. So much in fact that, "Within a few weeks all of [her] pants were too big!" she said.

Virginia Lopreto lost over 2% body fat and gained lean muscle mass and in three years of training with us she said, "This is the best I've ever looked".

Maggie Small lost 11 lbs of body fat and over the past 6 months has lost 40 lbs in total! She proudly stated, "I have not weighed this since High School!" (she's been out of HS for 35 years!).

Wanna Talk About A Life Transformation

The two most notable changes this year took place February 1st when Laura Reilly gave birth to Tessa Grace and June 18th when Corrie-Beth gave birth to our son Rearden Daniel. To say this was a “life transformation” for us all would be a gross understatement—but it’s the best transformation I could ever envision.

Additionally—and of epic proportion—both Laura and Corrie-Beth lost all their baby weight in just a few short months. A testament to them both “living the lifestyle” before, during, and after their pregnancy.

Little Big Changes

It still amazes me what a simple paint job can do. In an effort liven up the facility and keep Beth in a good mood we ditched the silver gray walls and went with white. Even though it makes the place look bigger and brighter I think it now gives Beth a headache. :-/ We also refaced our windows so people driving by don’t mistake us for an empty store as they whiz by. More interior changes to come in early 2015.

The addition of our Fit Clients software has been great for keeping members accountable and on pace with their goals. The system gives us a great snapshot of everyone’s progress. If you have not yet registered let us know and we will send you the link. You can even track your daily changes right from our Fit Clients app.

New Programs

Admit it. If you've known me for more than a year you never thought I would bring in Yoga or do Tandem Training sessions. But hey, if I see a need I’m going to do my best to fill it as long as it genuinely helps people and doesn’t violate my personal and PURE PHYSIQUE values (don’t expect CrossFit or Zumba to ever make its way here...hell would literally need to freeze over).

More noteworthy than adding these new programs is how we revised our current program in the second half of the year. In the spirit of keeping things interesting while delivering our brand of high intensity exercise we began implementing the Workout of the Week concept. Which is actually back-to-back weeks of a specific training system or style fit to our guidelines.

Aside from “interesting” the WOW’s have been described as, “brutal...unfair...this sucks...I love”. That kind of varied feedback can only mean one’s here to stay.

Looking Towards 2015
There were so many other memorable moments in 2014—far too many to list in this short column. In all it was an outstanding year and we have you to thank for it. I also have to thank Beth, Sarah, and Corrie-Beth because it was really their contributions, ideas, and efforts that made this year such a huge success.

As we close out this year and look towards 2015 we are filled with excitement over things to come. You inspired us this year to find more ways to add value and as a consequence, help you make greater improvements in your life. In 2015 you can expect even more.
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