Who We Are

Because I Didn't Know What I should Write

Mike Lipowski

When Corrie-Beth reminded me for the fourth time that she needed my article for this month’s newsletter I was a little panic stricken. Not because I didn’t write it. I can typically put something informative and dare I say, entertaining, together in about 2 hours. My panic came from being unable to conjure up anything of worth to speak about.

So here I sit...and wait...and stare at my screen.

About 18 minutes have passed.

It’s always in the moments when you stop thinking that you’re finally able to think clearly. During my 18 minute hiatus I was scanning over our weekly schedule and then it hit me (not quite as hard as when father spanked me but it hit me hard enough).

We have a lot of new members! I mean A LOT!!! And most don’t know anything about how we came to be. They just think we’re this super-amazing, awesome fitness studio, with a kick-ass staff (which we are) that just sprung up out of the ground a year or so ago.

So here’s (some of) the story.

I was 14 years old. Every weekday I would go to Ken’s Gym in Farmingdale, Long Island with my friend Tim Porter and we would spend a solid 1 ½ - 2hrs lifting weights. It didn’t matter if it was wrestling or lacrosse season, getting to Ken’s each day was a must.

As if it were yesterday, I can hear the clanging of weights radiating throughout the gym. And I clearly remember Tim and me talking between sets with the enthusiasm of naive teenagers about how one day we would own a gym.

It’s easy to remember because it was a conversation that happened quite often. So much so that whenever I visit my good friend and tattoo artist Mike Nomy—who worked out with us too—he always reminds me of when Tim and I talked about owning a gym.

Tim didn’t go on to own a gym but my future was solidified in those conversations. Though I never quite imagined what kind of gym I would own. Nevertheless, here we are.

But even though we are here I struggle with who we are. Let me explain.

I get stifled when asked, “What do you do?”

Here's Why...

I don’t think telling people, “I own a gym” accurately conveys what PURE PHYSIQUE is or what we do.

I can’t say “I own a personal training studio” like I used to because now we do so much more than just personal training. Plus the title personal trainer tends to conjure up visions of a paid workout partner who stands next to you and counts reps.

I could say that my expert staff and I mentally and physically torture people, beat them into submission, and convince them that it’s so good for them that they willfully fork over their money and ask us to do it repeatedly week after week. This isn’t far from the truth but it doesn’t necessarily give people the best first impression.

What I can say is we do a pretty good job of transforming physiques and sparking personal growth.

But even the way we do that has shifted dramatically over the years. Just ask anyone that’s been here for more than 3 years.

We’ve gone from exclusively 1-on-1 training to adding tandem training, Group Resistance Training, Metabolic Conditioning classes, yoga, nutrition consulting, meal prep workshops, and chiropractic care.

The more we’ve changed over the past nine years the closer we have gotten to who we are supposed to be. But it certainly doesn’t make explaining ourselves any easier. #marketingproblems

The one constant is that high-intensity weight training has always been at the epicenter of what we do.

And while that hasn’t and won’t change, our methods of applying it have evolved greatly as we toe-the-line between scientific application and building an appealing business.

Today, following our foundational program we have a carefully thought-out training cycle spanning six months designed to:

1) maximize aesthetics and strength development, and 2) keep things fun and interesting. This level of programming goes far beyond what you’ll find at other fitness studios, gyms or from other trainers.

And I’m not just saying that. No one is doing what we’re doing the way we’re doing it. You might find similar programming in Crossfit, Tribe Training, or Orange Theory but no one is doing it in the realm of high-intensity weight training.

We’re just getting started.

It’s been said, it takes ten years to become an overnight success. If that’s true then we have just 9 months to go!
I’d give you more of our backstory story but I have just 800 words to work with here. So let me use my last 13 to ask you, what do YOU say we do?