I'm Mike, founder of PURE PHYSIQUE, husband, dad of two boys, muscle & fat-loss coach, and fitness author & speaker. 

As men, we pride ourselves on excelling in our work and providing for our family and those around us. 

But let's be honest...

Which of us has ever looked at a superhero and not wished we could be as physically superior and confident as they are? Am I right?!

So in our teens and early twenties when we have a surplus of time and testosterone we workout, stay physically active, and pretty much feel invincible.

Then life, work, and family happens...

Time contraints, wanning motivation, and not evolving our exercise program to meet our current needs eventually catches up. Leaving us remincisng about how we used to eat and drink whatever we wanted and still look fit.

However, there is a solution, and it doesn't involve pulling out your old workout journal and putting everything else on hold so you can exercise 6+ hours week.

In fact, you'll need less than two.

You see, twenty-three years ago I was introduced to a training system that completely shifted my perception of exercise and how to get optimal results. It also changed my beliefs about how much time it actually takes to get those results. 

I took the principles I learned, the practical science and current research to create PURE PHYSIQUE's training programs.

In the last twenty-three years I have not trained more than two hours in an entire week, including the thirteen years I was competing as a professional natural bodybuilder.

I went from a "Gym Rat" spending 25+ hours a month working out and struggling to see his abs...

To "Pro Bodybuilder" investing only 90-minutes a week to exercise and not a single minute of it being cardio. Not a bad ROI!

The best part is, it's been relatively easy to maintain this weekly routine while growing a business, a family, and a life outside of the gym. Which is why we take the same exact approach with every guy who comes to PURE PHYSIQUE.

Now you're probably wondering how much of a role nutrition played in all of this.
The answer, a

But we're not talking deprivation, meal prepping, or weighing and measuring food. 

Our nutrition program was designed to take "life" into consideration. So that you not only have a blueprint to you achieve your goals---but a plan you can easily follow to maintain them for life. 

If you're a man that's ready to 'crack the fitnes code' and get what he's worth then step-up to the plate because this program is yours to hit out of the park.