Online Training

online training

If there’s anything that iPhones, Amazon, Google and Facebook have taught us it’s that we can be connected to who we want, and get whatever we want, at any time we want.

We figure the knowledge and expertise of PURE PHYSIQUE Trainers should also be among those things you have access to no matter where you are.

Our Online Training platform and app removes every obstacle to getting a personalized fitness experience and expert coaching, without stepping foot in our studio.

We can effectively plan, track, and manage all your workouts and each workout is accompanied by videos on how to perform the exercises. Everything you need to carry out an effective workout will literally be, in the palm of your hand.

If you’ve never trained with us...

Your introductory training phase is where we get to know each other.

We’ll be learning about your goals, needs, abilities and limitations. You’ll be learning how to execute our exercise methods. Together we’ll fine tune your workouts to ensure regular progression and prepare you for more advanced phases of training and accelerated results.

training plans

If you have trained with us...

Your entry into the program will be swift and easy. You already know what we strive to get out of each exercise and every workout. Even though we won’t be standing over you, we know how to modify your training so the effect will be the same. 

The total investment for these next 12 weeks of workout programming is just $381 split over 3 monthly payments of $127.