Beth Colucci

An IART Level II Certified Fitness Clinician and General Manager, Beth enjoys helping people achieve their personal goals by finding and implementing effective and realistic exercise and nutrition strategies.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: IART Level I Fitness Clinician, IART Level II Fitness Clinician, ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, B.S in Clinical Exercise Science, Minors in Nutrition and Coaching, Ithaca College

Corrie-Beth Lipowski

"The Ignitor"

Co-owner and Sports Nutrition Specialist, Corrie-Beth has a passion for helping others by teaching ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  According to Corrie-Beth, “Education is vital but implementation is key.”  

Corrie-Beth is also an all-natural Figure Competitor in the DFAC & IDFA, an extreme sports enthusiast, and mother of two boys. 

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:  ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, B.A. in Education, Marist College, and M.S. in Education, Lehman College. 

Mike Lipowski

"The Mastermind"  

Founder and Chief Exercise Officer of PURE PHYSIQUE, Mike's life's work is to inspire people to live fit and give them the practical means to do it. 

Voted Westchester's "Best Personal Trainer", Mike is an international fitness author and speaker, professional natural bodybuilder, and father of two boys.  He's also President of the International Association of Resistance Trainers.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: IART Level I Fitness Clinician, IART Level II Fitness Clinician, IART Master Fitness Clinician, B.A. in Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan University

Elie Cadet

"The Ray of Light"

Bio Coming Soon!

Heidi D'Andraia

"Ms. Pumped & Positive"

An IART Fitness Clinician and exceptional Group Exercise Instructor, Heidi believes that making exercise a non-negotiable staple in your life is the best gift you can give yourself. As a wife and mother of three, Heidi exemplifies how making this commitment will make you better in every role you assume. 

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: IART Level I Fitness Clinician, ACE certified Personal Trainer, Mad Dog Athletics certified Spin Instructor,  Les Mills certified GRIT Coach, B.A. in Sociology, William Smith College and M.S. in Exercise Physiology, Human Performance, Southern Connecticut State Univ.

Doug Schur

"The Unassuming Assassin"

An IART Fitness Clinician, Doug inspires through action. His journey to become a PURE PHYSIQUE Trainer began as a member, and then his ambition and desire to challenge himself led him to compete as a natural physique athlete. 

During this process of self-discovery Doug uncovered a passion for training that led him to begin helping others realize their own personal best. 

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: IART Level I Fitness Clinician, Natural Physique Competitor

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